Shopkins Season 2 Character Al Foil

Shopkins Character – Season 2 Al Foil

Al Foil is a common Pantry character from Shopkins Season 2. He is a cute green purple box of aluminum foil with a number 15 on its top. He has silver pre-cut foil and a metallic foil finish features. Al Foil has an alternative color.

An adorable purple box of aluminum foil with pink number 15 on its top. He has gold pre-cut foil with a metallic finish. He looks shy but he is very cheerful!

AL Foil is from the Pantry section of Shopkins Season 2 along with his bubbly friends Fi Fi Flour, Bart Beans, Fasta Pasta, Olivia Oil, Honeeey, Toffy Coffee, Cornell Mustard and Chris P Crackers.

Little did you know, Al Foil has a favorite hobby, wrapping with his pantry friends and he really loves to shine! Al Foil has a best friend and her name is Soda Pops! They always love to hang out in the pantry section.

He has a strong and protective attitude towards his friends but at often times he gets torn between them.

All of the collectors are eager to have him in their collection. But don’t be alarmed! You can easily find him in every 2 Pack, 5 Pack, or 12 pack if you’re lucky enough! Don’t worry you’ll sure get one because His rarity is common.

Al Foil’s Favorites:

Hobby: Wrapping with Friends
Shopkin BFF: Soda Pops
Hang-out Place: Pantry

Al Foil’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • Al-Foil is seen as a strong and protective friend but can get torn between his friends. He loves to shine too.

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