Carrie Carrot Cake

Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Carrie Carrot Cake

Carrie Carrot Cake is a rare Bakery Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. A brown slice of carrot cake with white frosting and it has a carrot on it top of the frosting. Her variant is a yellow slice of carrot cake with light pink frosting and a carrot on top.

You can find her in team bakery along with her friends, Slick Breadstick, Marry Muffin, Mary Meringue, Pecanna Pie, Choco Lava, Fifi Fruit Tart, and Cupcake Chic. Of all the character in the bakery team, she is one nutty shopkin.

She likes to be goofy and weird at the same time. All of her friends like her so much because of her attitude. Even though she is crazy, she is also sweet. That is the best trait she could have.

When other Shopkins has a problem, they always go to her for advice, she always help other Shopkins to solve their problems because she is known to get to the root of it.

Carrie Carrot Cake has a price possession ring a 14-carrot gold ring. One time when Carrie Carrot Cake and Pecanna Pie were talking she said that as long as you have friends, everything is just frosting, Her and Pecanna Pie puts a smile on their faces. Carrie Carrot Cake is one sweet and quirky Shopkins!

Carrie Carrot Cake’s Favorites:

Hobby:Horse riding

Shopkin BFF: Pecanna Pie

Hang-out Place: Bakery

Carrie Carrot Cake’s Appearances in Youtube


  • She has a 24-carrot heart of gold!

  • Her cool dance moves is “Raisin’ the roof”

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