Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Sweeps

Sweeps is an Ultra Rare Cleaning and Laundry Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. Her appearance is some sort of a brush broom that is commonly used to sweep up dirt, thus the name “Sweeps”. Her main variant is of a yellow broom that has a purple handle sticking up of her.

Her other variant is of a teal broom that has a magenta handle sticking up of her. Since Sweeps is an Ultra Rare Shopkin, her finish is an amazing Crystal Glitz that is both transparent and riddled with glitter.

Sweeps is no scrub at all. She’s a very great friend that she always tries to sweep her friends problems every time. That’s why most of the Shopkins she meets never brush past her as they see great value of befriending her. In fact, they also think that she can be a friend from dust till dawn!

Needless to say, she can definitely handle it all. Molly Mops and Sweeps consider each other best friends as they look out for each other more often than not. Sweeps is mostly seen hanging out at the Cleaning and Laundry area. When Sweeps is not hanging around with her friends she likes to dance and sweep away to her happiness. She is one jolly Shopkins that loves to giggle!

Sweeps’ Favorites:

Hobby:Brushing up on her schooling

Shopkin BFF: Molly Mops

Hang-out Place: Cleaning and Laundry

Sweeps’ Appearances in Youtube


  • She is often mistaken as a boy due to the fact that her mouth resembles a mustache on the toy.

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