Squeaky Clean

Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean is a Common Cleaning Tool Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. Her appearance is of a spray bottle of window cleaner. Her main variant is of a blue bottle of window cleaner that is wearing red glasses.

She also has a red spray nozzle on the top of her head and a label that reads “Sparkle” on her forehead that is written in red. She’s also holding a squeegee on her left hand and a rag on the right. Her other variant is of an orange bottle of window cleaner that is wearing pink glasses.

This variant has a pink spray nozzle, a label that reads “Sparkle” on her forehead that is written in purple letters, and holding a squeegee and a rag on the left and right hand respectively. Her finish

Squeaky Clean tells you the way it is. She’s not going to take you out with compliments especially if it is not deserved. Her everyday morning habit is to rise and shine. Literally! Together with her BFF’s, Dishy Liquid and Leafy, they live a clean and honest lifestyle. She doesn’t like dirty places because she is very meticulous, she doesn’t want to see any dirty spot anywhere. Also when Squeaky Clean is in the mood she likes to write poems and dedicate it to her fellow Shopkins. Isn’t she a sweet one?!

Her friends often say that she is in a “glass of her own” but the way Squeaky Clean sees it, it is just her lifestyle.

Squeaky Clean’s Favorites:

Hobby: Writing Poems

Shopkin BFF: All of the Shopkins

Hang-out Place: Cleaning and Laundry

Squeaky Clean’s Appearances in Youtube


  • She likes to clean all the time.

  • Doesn’t like dirty places.

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