Sneaky Wedge

Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Sneaky Wedge

Sneaky Wedge is a Common Shoes Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. His appearance is somewhat comparable to wedge sneakers. His main variant is of a white wedge sneakers with a purple sole, white laces, turquoise, purple and orange strips, and an orange label that says “S”. His other variant is some blue wedge sneakers with a dark purple sole, blue laces, orange, yellow with dark purple strips. There is also a dark purple label that says “S”.

There are other variants of Sneaky Wedge included in the Designer Dash game. The colors of this variant is a pink wedge sneakers that has a blue sole. It also has blue laces, and strips of green and white. There is also a puce label on their tongue with an “S”.

Another variant of Sneaky Wedge is available during the Shopping Cart Sprint event. It’s a green wedge sneakers with blue sole, white laces, and strips of blue and red. There’s a red label on their tongue with an “S” on it.

Also, there is Mcdonald’s Exclusive of him that’s rather similar to her Shopping Cart Sprint exclusive. There are 2 shoes, one with both eyes that is closed with their tongue sticking out. The other shoe is exactly like the regular sneaky shoe, except her left eye is winking.

Sneaky Wedge is worry-free and simple. She never seems to sweat out some negativity around him. His favorite sport is the marathon. He can outrun you in any way, shape or form that he’s in. He’s also very sneaky. So always keep a look out of him because he might just surprise you.

Sneaky Wedge’s Favorites:

Hobby: Playing “hide and sneak”

Shopkin BFF: Sneaky Sue

Hang-out Place: Shoes

Sneaky Wedge’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Sneaky was called a “she” in the official Shopkin website.

  • Also call a “he” in the Collector’s Guide Bio.

Samples Toys Available:

  • Sneaky Wedge
  • Sneaky Wedge
  • Sneaky Wedge
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