Sippy Sips

Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Sippy Sips

Sippy Sips is a Special Edition (SE) Fluffy Baby Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. Her appearance is a sippy cup that is suitable for babies. Well she’s baby anyway so I guess that’s appropriate. Her main variant is a blue body cup with a yellow sippy cover on top of her head. Her other variant is a yellow body cup with a pink sippy cover on top of her head. In both variants, she is holding a sippy cup towards his mouth and she has baby blocks across her face as well.

Since Sippy Sips is a Special Edition Shopkin, she is given a Fluffy finish since she’s a Baby Shopkin after all and they are fluffy!Sippy Sips might just be baby, but she sure does act like a baby as well… okay that didn’t go well. She’s good at keeping secrets as she never tends to spill them. As most babies do, she also likes to be held on tightly! She’s a kind of Shopkins that likes to have a companion by her side.

Much like a baby would too! She likes to be sealed with kisses too as it makes her feel loved and wanted. Dum Mee Mee and her are like born at the same time because they are both babies and they are so cute!

Sippy Sip’s Favorites:

Hobby: Singing Lullabies

Shopkin BFF: Dum Mee Mee

Hang-out Place: Shopkins Supermarket

Sippy Sip’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    Never spills a secret and likes to be held tight

  • Connector.

    Likes to be sealed with a kisses

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