Silly Chilli

Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Silly Chilli

Silly Chilli is a common Fruit and Veg Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. His appearance is some sort of a chili pepper. His main variant is a red chili pepper with a green stem on top of his head. His other variant is a yellow chili pepper with a green stem on top of his head. In both variants, Silly Chilli is seen panting as if he has eaten something spicy (when in fact, he’s spicy too!).

There are two more variants of him in the re-release of Shoppin’ Cart. The first one is a white chili pepper with a light green stem on top of his head and the other is a purple chili pepper with an aqua stem on top of his head.

Silly Chilli is a very “chilli” guy. Some mistake his “chilli” ness as being cold, but really he’s just “chilli”. He loves spicy food (I mean who wouldn’t if you’re a chili?) that whenever he gets the chance to eat them, he’ll munch them all at the same time! Insane right?

Despite his love for spicy foods, he’s still susceptible to being burned. Luckily, his BFF Dippy Avocado knows how to cool off those burning tongue of his. He also likes to prank his other Shopkins friends, he tries to make them eat chilli! He is such a silly, chilli!

Silly Chilli’s Favorites:

Hobby: Eating very HOT dogs

Shopkin BFF: Dippy Avocado

Hang-out Place: Fruit and Veg

Silly Chilli’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Likes to eat chilli!

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