Rub A Glove

Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Rub A Glove

Rub A Glove is a Limited Edition Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. There are only 250 of her ever made. She has an appearance of a shiny glove. Sort of a fancy fashion glove.

She’s a silver glove that is heavily coated in glitter. Since she is a Limited Edition Shopkin, there are no other variants of her available. Also given that she is a Limited Edition Shopkin, Rub A Glove is given with a Bling finish that will surely sparkle in every shapes or form.

Rub A Glove is the Queen of Clean. Don’t let her sparkly looks fool you as she is capable of doing some dirty work as well. She’s very hands on when it comes to everything especially when it comes to the cleanliness and the sparkles of her things.

She is addicted to make everything around her sparkle. Rub A Glove is the epitome of sparkling things. Whenever she sees a thing that don’t sparkle she gets a little bit sad inside. So that is why she needs to make it sparkle by cleaning it 101%. She’s like genie with sparkle magic!

In fact, even her plates get the sparkly treatment as well. You just got to have to hand it to her! Together with her BFF Molly Mops, they strive to make everything around them clean and sparkly!

Rub A Glove’s Favorites:

Hobby: Water Sports

Shopkin BFF: Molly Mop

Hang-out Place: Limited Edition

Rub A Glove’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    Rub a Glove is very rare that on eBay, it’s reported that her price is around $1000-1500 a piece! Talk about expensive right there!

Samples Toys Available:

  • Rub-A-Glove
  • Rub-A-Glove
  • Rub-A-Glove
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