Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Prommy

Prommy is a Common Shoes Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. Her appearance is some sort of a stiletto style prom heels. Typically what you see on some people that has great fashion sense on prom nights. Prommy is a yellow stiletto style prom heel shoe with a red bow tied across the front, acting as a strap.

Her variant is a pink stiletto style prom heel shoe with a lilac bow tied across the front, acting as a strap. The artwork depicts her as the variant, holding a tube of pink lipstick in one (nonexistent on the toy) hand. She has a Regular finish as most Common Shopkins do.

Prommy can never be too low! When it comes to fashion, her favorite thing to say is “You can never look too gorgeous!” and she never fails to exemplify exactly that! Whenever there’s a special occasion, expect her to show up with a jaw-dropping look that will leave you dumb-founded! She is a fashion icon in the Shopkins world no one can out shine her in the fashion scene.

She’s always in the Shoes department strutting her stuff. You can say all the bad things you want to say against her, but her spirit will never fall flat to the ground. Because she keeps her head up high like most confident people do!

Prommy’s Favorites:

Hobby: Kicking up her heels

Shopkin BFF: Wedgy Wendy

Hang-out Place: Shoes

Prommy’s Appearances in Youtube


  • She is known for her fabulous style sense.

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