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Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Poppy Corn

Poppy Corn is a Common Sweet Treats Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. Her appearance is of a bag of popcorn. Much like the bags of popcorn you see in the cinemas. Her main variant is of a red and white box that is filled with yellow popcorn (presumably buttered ones). She has a green “S” on top of her forehead that means “Shopkins”.

Her other variant is a blue and yellow box filled with brown popcorn (presumably caramel ones). She has a yellow “S” on top of her forehead that means “Shopkins”. She’s given a Classic finish since she’s a Common Shopkins.

No one does a “butter” job when it comes to shopping than Poppy Corn does! She really knows how to bag a bargain so when you go shopping, make sure to bring her along with you as she always pops the right button! But make sure to bring lots of energy when shopping with her because she can go all day and all night shopping until she pops!

Heck, even if she pops, she’ll still shop more! And when it comes to going to the cinemas, she’ll never be late! I mean, her and movies are a perfect combination right?

Poppy Corn’s Favorites:

Hobby: Going to the Movies.

Shopkin BFF: Corny Cob

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

Poppy Corn’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Poppy Corn is mentioned on the bio of Corny Cob about having a pet.

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