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Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Pamela Pancake

Pamela Pancake is from Sweet Treats team, an Ultra Rare Shopkins character from Shopkins Season 2. Her appearance is a stack of pancakes dribbled syrup topped with cream on top of it. Her main variant is of stacks of yellow pancakes on a silver plate. There’s a brown syrup (presumably a Maple syrup) sliding down the stacks of pancakes and a dollop of white whipped cream and two red strawberries at the top of her head. The other variant is a stack of green pancakes on a green plate.

There is a pink syrup (presumably a Strawberry syrup) sliding down the stacks of pancakes and a dollop of pink whipped cream with two pink strawberries. There are two variants of her included in the Food Fair. One variant features Pamela with a blue plate and yellow stack of pancake with white syrup pour down her face. On her head is a dollop of blue whipped cream and two dark red strawberries.

The extra variation features Pamela has, a red velvet stack of pancakes on a silver plate with yellow syrup pouring down her face. On the top of her head is a dollop of chocolate whipped cream and two green berries. Pamela Pancake is a stack of fun! She can never be too stacked when it comes to having a good time. Her very sweet personality overflows of her like literally! That’s probably why Cheery Churro loves hanging around with her.

Pamela Pancake’s Favorites:

Hobby: Flipping out in the Diving Pool.

Shopkin BFF: Cheery Churro

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

Pamela Pancake’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    Overflowing with sweetness. But never too syrupy!

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