Molly Mops

Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Molly Mops

Molly Mops is rare type Shopkins character that got introduced in Shopkins Season 2. She belongs to the place Cleaning and Laundry. Molly Mops was characterized with a blue bucket that has a tiny wooden handled yellow mop dip inside of her bucket. She has the lively smile and her smiling face became her attitude which able to brighten the mood around her.

Molly Mop has another variant which characterized with the red bucket and the pink handled white mop inside of her. She loves to clean, sweep and won’t let leave any traces of dirt. She’s a real hard worker and she is shining with her kind personality. The fun is certainly guaranteed as she has a bucket of it. Everyone around her won’t tire being with her although her activity and hobby tend to be tedious and exhausting. She enjoys seeing her surrounding clean and tidy and cleaning to her was like a play that she truly enjoys and don’t mind spending it in the whole day.

Unfortunately, the important details about her have been cut to her biography. It pertains to the effect if you walk over her wet floor. The thing that would be sure is she would be displeased. There is no certain information of how does she rage if she displease. Moreover, she loves to clean up when it comes to bargain. Molly Mops closest friend in the Shopkins was Sweeps. They share common interest.

Molly Mops’ Favorites:

Hobby: Playing mopscotch

Shopkin BFF: Cleaning and Laundry

Hang-out Place: Bakery

Molly Mops’ Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    She’s always looking spotless in the Cleaning & Laundry Aisle.

  • Connector.

    In art her variant is depicted as a white mop, but the toy is actually a blue mop.

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  • Molly Mops
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  • Molly Mops
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