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Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Minnie Mintie

Minnie Mintie is an ultra-rare Shopkins character type that got introduced in Shopkins Season 2. She belongs to the team Sweet Treats where she get along together with her closest friend Yummy Gum. Minnie Mintie is a yellow round candy with a pink swirling stripe.

It is the color combination that looks tasty to the eyes as it is usually the used color to the big lollipop. It becomes an identical color for the candies and sort of sweets. She was characterized with the purple round eyes that wink directly on you and holding a light green mint leaf in her hand. Meanwhile, her variant is the green round candy mint with a while swirling stripes.

She’s holding a dark green mini leaf in her hand. The green variant is the used image to feature her character. There are two exclusive variants of her that include in the food fair. One is the white round mint cant with the blue stripes and holding a dark green leaf on her left hand. The other variant features

Minnie as a round purple candy mint with yellow stripes that holds a green mini leaf on her left hand. Her friends describe her as a breath of fresh air. It implies that she carries a lighter mood with her as everyone find refreshing to be with her around. She’s always cool, and hugs and kisses aren’t big deal to her.

Minnie Mintie’s Favorites:

Hobby: Yoga and Deep breathing

Shopkin BFF: Yummy Gum

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

Minnie Minties’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Loves to give hugs and kisses to everyone.

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