Mary Meringue

Shopkins Character Mary Meringue

Mary Meringue is an ultra-rare Shopkins character type that got introduced in Shopkins Season 2. She belongs to the team Bakery. Meringue is the type of dessert that made from whipped egg whites and sugar so Mary Meringue was characterized with a dollop lavender meringue that looks very tasteful with the pink candy sprinkles scatter on the top of her head.

She is translucent which makes the glitter inside of her visible. She appears to be looking to the left, and wears a curious expression on her face. Mary Meringue has another variant. Her variant was characterized with the same dollop but this one is a pink meringue with a red candy sprinkle on the top of her head.

Mary Meringue was dazzling like the featured variant with the glitters inside of her. When it comes to sweetness she is unbeatable. She is very sweet anyone will surely love her and very fluffy. She is huggable and tender. It wouldn’t be wondering that anyone will be clingy to her. On the other hand, there are times that she is absent-minded.

Sometimes, she is lost to her little world and aimlessly floating around her thoughts so sometimes she’s not paying attention to the actual things in front of her. She often asks for the second time to confirm as she usually doesn’t get a grip together. Mary Meringue loves to spend her time whipping up treats and her closest friend in Shopkins was Lippy Lips. They like to hang out in the Bakery Section.

Mary Meringue’s Favorites:

Hobby: Whipping up treats!

Shopkin BFF: Lippy Lips

Hang-out Place: Bakery

Mary Meringue’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    On her featured image, she appears to have pink shoes. However the toy has the same color shoes as her body.

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