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Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Lee Tea

Lee Tea was released as limited edition Shopkins character in Shopkins Season 2. She also belongs to the team limited edition as she doesn’t have any specific place listed in her character profile. On the other hand, Lee tea is a sparkly green tea bag characterized with her big round purple eyes and quite sophisticated pink lips. That makes her look classy and lavish type of character. Particularly she’s holding a pink cup of tea in her hand and has a letter T on it, embossed.

Lee Tea is extremely coated with sparkly green glitters, which by the way makes her look alluring and exceptional. On her other hand, she was holding cookies that usually a snack that best match for the tea. Sometimes Lee Tea gets a little delicate, although there would be a time that she gets a bit stronger. She loves to dip in the hot tub, the warm brought on to her skin is an irreplaceable feeling of pleasure for her.

Not to mention Lee Tea’s closest friend in Shopkins is Sugar Lump, and they like to dance and play along with the beat is their favorite past time. She likes to dance and she’s pretty active in dancing. She likes any type of bags. It can be a handbag, shoulder bag and most certainly a tea bag which is the type of bag herself. She doesn’t like steep prices which is quite hard to understand. Teacup pig is her favorite animals and her favorite color is green and black. Lee Tea don’t have any variant and in addition to that there are only 1,000 of her made.

Lee Tea’s Favorites:

Hobby: Doing a little jig

Shopkin BFF: Sugar Lump

Hang-out Place: Limited Edition

Lee Tea’s Appearances in Youtube


  • She likes to say “I smell trouble brewing!”

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