Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Leafy

Leafy is the common type Shopkins character that got introduced in Shopkins Season 2. She belongs to the team Cleaning and Laundry. Leafy is based to the place where lots of cleaning materials for house and clothes were found around the corner.

She is a roll of toilet tissue paper with the tiny pink shoes. She has a cute charming face with the round eyes and curly eyelashes. She’s smiling sheepishly which increases her cuteness level. Her variant has the same attribute with the featured variant except the color of the shoes.

Another variant of her is wearing blue tiny shoes and she is a blue roll toilet paper. It is for the sake to easily distinguish her variances. Leafy closest friend in the Shopkins was Peta Plunger since they have common and mutual purpose their friendship develops naturally inside the comfort room.

Leafy knows her position and role in life and she’s doing her best to serve her purpose which she excellently does her thing. She is soft and kind-hearted. When she’s able to achieve success, she gets flushed and easily flustered overwhelms by the acknowledgements she earns.

Her humbleness brought her to react that way whenever she had acquired success. Just like the real thing tissue, she might be disposable when it already satisfies its use but almost everyone needs her for sanitation to maintain the cleanliness a lower the risk of getting harmful disease. That’s how Leafy is needed and useful.

Leafy’s Favorites:

Hobby: Unwinding with a good magazine

Shopkin BFF: Peta Plunger

Hang-out Place: Cleaning and Laundry

Leafy’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    In Australia, the sheets of the toilet paper are called leaves.

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