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Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Lana Lamp

Lana Lamp is the ultra-rare type of Shopkins character from the team Homewares in Shopkins Season 2. She hasn’t been released in the series so the information about her is insufficient. Furthermore, Lana Lamp already appeared from the leak information so it gives the idea how does the little cute lamp looks like.

She has this small and gentle face that gives a comfort and soothing mood just how like the real thing lamp works. She is a purple lamp that characterized with the pink lampshade with the purple light switch that she holds in one hand while the other one holds a plug in cord. Lana Lamp has another variant. Her variant is a pink lamp with an orange lamp shade.

The pink variant of her is used to feature her character. She is holding a pink light switch in one hand while the other hand also holds the plug in cord. Lana Lamp is bright and refreshing. She has a brilliant personality that able to gives light for those who are lost in the darkness.

Aside of that, she loves light-hearted jokes which it reveals the amusing and interesting side of her.She loves to read a book before going to sleep or any circumstances as long as she’s in bed. She loves the comfort that brings of that hobby. Lana Lamp is always comes up with the bright ideas and she loves using it to help others with sincere and pure intention.

Lana Lamp’s Favorites:

Hobby: Reading in Bed

Shopkin BFF: Lisa Litter

Hang-out Place: Homewares

Lana Lamp’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Has a brilliant personality.

  • Loves to hear jokes.

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