Ice Cream Dream

Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Ice Cream Dream

Ice Cream Dream is a common type Shopkins character that got introduced in Shopkins Season 2. There is also a character that Ice Cream Dream shared with the same name in Season 1 but they are different in terms character existence.

Ice Cream Dream in Shopkins Season 1 is the Special Edition type of character. The common type Ice Cream Dream characterized with the orange ice cream cone with vanilla ice cream inside. The ice cream on top of her head that dripping off to her side has a pink candy sprinkles. It seems to be that the dripping ice cream on her side symbolizes to her personality as a pretty clumsy. However, as drippy as she may seem, she is very cool and collected. Ice Cream Dream has three variants.

One is her featured variant that the color of her ice cream cone is pink and the ice cream inside of her is chocolate flavored with the blue candy sprinkles on top of her. Another two variant of Ice Cream Dream were included in the Food Fair. The color of the ice cream cone of this variant is red with the green and white ice cream inside while the other variant features the red ice cream inside of her yellow ice cream cone with the blue candy sprinkles.

Ice Cream Dream belongs to the Sweet Treats along with her closest friends Ice Cream Dream and Waffle Sue.

Ice Cream Dream’s Favorites:

Hobby: Chilling out in her own cone

Shopkin BFF: Waffle Sue

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

Ice Cream Dream’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    Her nickname is Half-Pint

  • Connector.

    Ice-cream Dream shares the same name as Ice Cream Dream from Season One.She is also the second ice cream Shopkin to be made, the first being Ice Cream Dream.Ice-cream Dream’s bio says her best friends are Ice-cream Dream and Waffle Sue. That may have been a typo on the Shopkins website, as it is supposed to be referring to the Season One Ice Cream Dream

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