Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Honeeey

Honeeey is ultra-rare type of Shopkins character that got introduced in the Shopkins Season 2. Honeeey was characterized with the typical yellow jar of honey with the label that imprints “honey” in a red letter along with the picture of a honeybee.

The jar was decorated with blue ribbon and has a yellow honeycomb wand that sticks out of her head. There is a golden honey that drips on her head emphasizing her identity as a honey. Honeeey has a blue round eyes and her smile was indeed cute with her two teeth that stuck to her lips and a tiny blue foot which the same color of her ribbon.

Honeey has a variant. In the contrast of her featured variant, this another variant had only difference in color. This variant characterized with the green jar with the same label of “honey” imprinted on it along with the honeybee. This one, the color of the letter is purple and the honeycomb wand was color green and the color of the ribbon that decorates on her is orange.

This another variant drips with the yellow honey. Honeeey belongs to the team Pantry where there she gets along with her closest friend Lee Tea and her other pantry friends. She loves to comb the pages of a god magazine and her greatest fear was getting hives which it turns out that Honeeey was self-conscious to her appearance. Honeeey is charming, helpful and most of all sweet. That’s how her friends describe her.

Honeeey’s Favorites:

Hobby: The spelling bee and catching flies

Place: Pantry

Shopkin BFF Lee Tea

Honeeey’s Appearances in Youtube


  • She likes to say “What’s the Buzz?”

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