Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Heels

Heels is a common type Shopkins character in Shopkins Season 2. She belongs to the Team Shoes which is a place she likes to play and stay. Heels was characterized of beautiful strapped heel shoes with her glittering eyes that increases the cute factor of her smiling façade. She is the kind of shoes that perfectly match to the little girl dress and it was usually used to the female who likes to wear dress. She has raised dots on her back.

There is another variant which the only difference of them are the color. Other than that, their looks and kind of shoes are the same. The color of her variant was green. Her closest friend in Shopkins was Betty Boots which also belongs to the same team. Shoes is a base which introduced in Season of Shopkins.

It is a place with varying styles of shoes such as high heels and high tops. There are interesting facts when she was created. Heels wasn’t her supposed name. According to the official biography, she used to refer as “Mary Jane” which have been her early name.

Eventually, it has been changed to “Heels”. Her upbeat personality that will surely close to the heart of anyone around her. Her friends describe her as hard-worker. She has this admiring perseverance that when she stumbles she isn’t easy to yield. She will face all problems and hindrances with fighting spirit.

Heels’ Favorites:

Hobby: Tap Dancing

Shopkin BFF: Betty Boot

Hang-out Place: Shoes

Heels’ Appearances in Youtube


  • In her official bio, it used to refer to Heels as “Mary Jane,” which may have been an early name for her. This has since been changed to say “Heels.”

  • In her art she is depicted with arms, but her toy lacks arms.

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