Fifi Flour

Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Fifi Flour

Fi Fi Flour is a rare character that got introduced in Shopkin Season 2. She belongs to the Team Pantry. She was characterized with green bag that contains of flour.

The flour is a bit messy that pouring down in her face which it could best describes to her clumsy personality. The word “flour” was written in the white letters. She always holding the yellow baking pin in one hand while her other hand with some flour. Fi fi flour has 2 variety of appearance. The green one was the featured variant and her other variant, she was a pink bag that has yellow flour pouring down to her face.

The flour was probably whole wheat which was the reason for the color of her flour was distinctive yellow. The word “flour” that written on her bag still the same with the featured Fi fi flour variant. However, the baking pin that the pink variant of Fi fi flour was holding is blue with some of her flour that holds on her other hand. She likes half-baked ideas which associate to her favorite hobby. It is to create half-baked inventions.

Fi fi flour’s best buddies in Shopkins were Fasta Pasta and Olivia Oil and they are usually hanging out in the pantry as their bonding hobby. Most of her friends define her as a little bit of messy to be around. Nevertheless she has this sincerity to help anybody in tough and sticky situation.

Fifi Flour’s Favorites:

Accessory: Her powder compact

Likes: Pecanna Pie

Dislikes: Rolling pins and feeling scattered

Fifi Flour’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    She likes to say “Flour Powder!”

  • Connector.

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