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Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Fasta Pasta

Fasta Pasta is a common type Shopkins character in the little kingdom of Shopkins Season 2. Fasta Pasta has a big round eyes with the cute eyelashes that can be easily mistook him as an adorable girl with that eye attribute.

He always wears naughty facial expression giving them an idea that he’s playful. His pink bag serves as his face with the cute tiny feet and hand. In his tiny hands, there some pasta that embraces around it both side. The pasta above his head which appears to be a pink bag was uncooked as it stands concrete.

He likes to hang out with Fifi flour and Olivia Oil in the pantry which the place he belongs. They are his best buddy. There is a variant of Fasta Pasta. His other variant was color blue. Other than that, they have similar attribute that characterized their features.

Moreover, he is known to be as someone that’s hard to stop if he is engrossed by something. He is a great friend to twirl around with. It means he’s adaptive in any situation and he is alright in anything. He’s not picky to his friends and easy to be with.

Once you meet him, he’s unstoppable as it meant by unspaghettable. His favorite hobby was to shoot hoops with meatballs. Elbow grease was his secret weapon that anytime it needs he’ll going to use it

Fasta Pasta’s Favorites:

Accessory: His bow tie

Hobby: Shooting hoops with meatballs

Prize Possession: His lucky “penne”

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  • Fasta Pasta is actually a restaurant in Mildura, Victoria, Australia.

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