Dum Mee Mee

Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Dum Mee Mee

Dum Mee Mee is a Shopkins Special Edition fluffy baby from Shopkins Season 2. In addition, in Season Five, she as released as an Ultra Rare Charm. She is a white dummy with yellow and teal stars on her handle.

She holds a rattle on her hands too, and top of that she has her own pacifier in her mouth. Her other variant is a yellow with pink and white handle. Her own pacifier is color yellow. She holds a rattle and sucks a pacifier in her mouth. The finish product of her is fluffy.

When everybody is fighting or not cool with each other in Shopkins World, she tries to make everyone at peace. She is one of a kind does not like her friends fighting. She likes to go to malls and check out new things to buy.

On top of that Dum Mee Mee likes to change a frowning face of a baby in to a smiling one. In spite of the fact that she is still a baby, Dum Mee Mee wants to everybody to be happy and not feeling blue.

Her best friend is Sippy Sips; they hang out a lot in the Shopkins Supermarket. Dum Mee Mee is one adorable Shopkins. Countless kids like her too much, because of her fluffiness. You can catch her in the baby section with other baby characters.

Dum Mee Mee’s Favorites:

Hobby: Rocking out with babies.

Shopkin BFF: Sippy Sips

Hang-out Place: Shopkins Supermarket

Dum Mee Mee’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    Some of the toys of dum mee mee does not have eyebrows. Some of it has eyebrows though nobody really knows the reason.

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