Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Dribbles

Dribbles is a Special Edition Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. She is from team Baby, Her finish is a little fluffy like her. She is a baby bottle, and her color is pink. A yellow nipple on her head. Her other color is a white baby bottle with a pink nipple on her head. Both have ribbons with different colors, depends on the variant.

Dribbles is everybody’s hero in the team baby. She does not like anyone to get hurt! Whenever she hears a cry for help. He is always there to save you with no hesitations. Her and Ga Ga Gourmet are inseparable from one another. They like to hang a lot and have a nice warm baths in the hot tub with other baby Shopkins.

Due to her sweetness and being caring, all of the Shopkins character loves her dearly. Seems like heaps of little kids love Dribbles too. They like to draw her and make posters of her. In addition, there are a whole lot of videos of Dribbles on YouTube. Seems like everybody loves her that much! No doubt she is one of the most inimitable Shopkins ever. She has a cute ribbon on her that makes her very delightful in any ways

Dribbles’ Favorites:

Hobby: Taking nice warm baths

Shopkin BFF: Ga Ga Gourmet

Hang-out Place: Baby

Dribbles’ Appearances in Youtube


  • She likes to save the day; she is like a super hero.

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