Donna Donut

Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Donna Donut

Donna Donut is a Limited Edition Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2, in fact there are only 2,500 of her that was made. That is how limited she is. She is a pink donut, jelly filled donut to be exact. Some of her filling is dripping out. Donna Donut is heavily coated with glitter. Additionally, she is sticking her tongue out trying to be cute!

She is very upbeat, she does not like her day to be boring or ruined. She wants to keep her day busy, that is why she often keeps herself occupied by doing stuff she likes to do. Donna Donut likes Fridays because you know FRY-DAYS! She loves to eat food that are fried with her friend D’lish Donut. To her, every day is a great day especially when you are with your friends hanging out or just eating together.

Although she does not have a team, she still likes to hang out in the Bakery section. She is always welcome there. Due to her being a limited edition there is very limited info about her. Collectors are very eager to have one her to their collections. Some of them just make their handmade inspired toy.

Donna Donut’s Favorites:

Hobby: A hole lot of stuff!

Shopkin BFF: D’lish Donut

Hang-out Place: Limited Edition

Donna Donut’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    There are only 2,500 Donna Donut in the market

  • Connector.

    She also likes to hang out in the Bakery Section

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  • Donna Donut
  • Donna Donut
  • Donna Donut
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