Cornell Mustard

Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Cornell Mustard

Cornell Mustard is a common Pantry Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. A yellow mustard bottle with red label. On his label there is “mustard” written on it and a yellow “s” for “Shopkins”. On Cornell Mustard’s head is a red squirt cap.

He also has a brown mustache and a golden monocle over his eye. His alternative color is a pink mustard bottle with green label. On its label, “mustard” is written and a pink “s” for “Shopkins”. On Cornell Mustard’s head is a blue cap. Black mustache and a black monocle over his eye.

Also he has a regular finish. Team Pantry is where Cornell Mustard from, along with his cool friends, Tommy Ketchup, Nutty Butter, Peppe Pepper, Sally Shakes, Sugar Lump, Breaky Crunch, Alpha Soup, Gran Jam, and Coolio.Cornell Mustard likes to go on an adventure he also like mysteries.

It sounds like Cornell Mustard is the Sherlock Holmes of the Shopkins World. He got lot of friends because he is the coolest mystery solving guy there. But Bart Beans is one of his closest friend in the whole Pantry friends. Some of his friends describe him a hot stuff, he likes to squirt big flavors on hot dogs. So it will taste so good!

Cornell Mustard’s Favorites:

Hobby: Solving mysteries

Shopkin BFF: Bert Beans

Hang-out Place: Pantry

Cornell Mustard’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Cornell Mustard’s name is a spoof from Colonel Mustard, a character from a popular mystery solving board game called “Clue”.

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