Brenda Blender

Shopkins Characters – Season 2 Brenda Blender

Brenda Blender is a rare Homewares Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2 which is basically a white blender with white buttons and a plug-in cord. She also has a pink smoothie inside her.

In Shopkins World, she also has an alternate color. A light blue blender with blue buttons and a plug-in cord. She has a yellow smoothie inside her. She belongs to team Homewares with her friends, Toasty Pop, Coffee Drip, Saucy Pan, Ma Kettle, Zappy Microwave, Lisa Liter, and Lana Lamp.

Brenda Blender is one naughty little shopkin, she likes to create inconvenience to her other Shopkins friends but don’t worry she is not that annoying sometimes. Dippy Avocado is her best buddy; they like to mix and spice things up. She likes to make healthy smoothies for her friends, she wants her friends to be healthy as her.

She makes sure that all of her Shopkins friends achieve all the nutrition they needed. What an adorable act of kindness! So if other Shopkins wants to drink healthy smoothies they can always go up to her. Brenda Blender is the best!There is a game called Shopville Game, when you play this game you can get Brenda Blender as a price when you get a high score.

Brenda Blender’s Favorites:

Hobby: Mixing with her friends

Shopkin BFF : Dippy Avocado

Hang-out Place: Homewares

Brenda Blender’s Appearances in Youtube


  • On the official online Shopkins Collector’s Tool, her name is listed as Brenda Blenda.

  • The collection collectable check list she is also called as Brenda Blenda.

Samples Toys Available:

  • Brenda Blender
  • Blenda Blender
  • Zappy Microwave
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