Ma Kettle

Shopkins Season 2 Character Ma Kettle

Ma Kettle is Common Homewares Shopkin from Season 2. A kettle pot with blue thermometer, lid, handle and white color appearance. There is a blue water flowing out of her spout. Also, she holds a teacup in her hand. How posh!

Furthermore, her variant is a yellow kettle pot with blue thermometer, lid and handle. She has an aqua green water flowing out of her spout. Teacup in her left hand.

In the rerelease of the Shoppin’ Cart, she has two variants which has a features of a red kettle with yellow thermometer. Lastly, the second variant from the Shoppin’ Cart is a silver kettle with a silver thermometer.

Ma Kettle’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Homewares

Ma Kettle’s Appearances in Youtube


  • Connector.

    The character name Ma Kettle is an allusion. It was featured in several movies in the 1940’s and 1950’s