DIshy Liquid

Shopkins Season 2 Character Dishy Liquid

Dishy Liquid is a Common Cleaning & Laundry Shopkin from Shopkin Season 2. A bottle of dish soap with green and orange bottle color. There is a “Clean” printed on her in pink letters. Also, she has a pink spout on the top of her head. She holds a sponge in her right hand while on her left hand she is holding a little plate.

Furthermore, her variant is a bottle of dish soap with purple and yellow color. “Clean” is still printed on top of her head and written in purple letters. Her spout has a blue color. Additionally, she is still holding a sponge in her right hand and plate on her left hand.

Dishy Liquid’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Cleaning & Laundry

Dishy Liquid Appearances in Youtube


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