Cheery Churro

Shopkins Season 2 Character Cheery Churro

Cheery Churro is a Rare Sweet Treats Shopkins from Shopkins Season 2. A very adorable cinnamon churro that has dark brown color. The end of his head is dipped into a strawberry cream.

Moreover, his variation has a lighter color cinnamon churro. Still, his end is dipped but with chocolate cream. His toys have classic finish touch.

What’s more is that there are two more variations of him that is included in the Food Fair playset. The first variation is a yellow colored cinnamon churro. Its head is dipped in purple cream. Additionally, the last variant is a blue colored cinnamon churro dipped in red cherry cream.

Cheery Churro’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

Cheery Churro’s Appearances in Youtube


  • In the Collector’s Tool artwork, he is seen having eyebrows. Although, in the actual toy he does not have any.