Banana Splitty

Shopkins Season 2 Character Banana Splitty

Banana Splitty is a Common Sweet Treats Shopkin from Season 2. A banana split ice cream sundae that has a red container, banana, chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, wafer with yellow color and a cherry on its top. Also, she is holding a spoon in her tiny hand. It has a classic finished touch.

Moreover, she has a yellow container variation. It comes with a banana, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup that is drizzled all over the ice cream. Purple whipped cream, a chocolate wafer and a yellow cherry on her top. Plus, she is holding a spoon in her hand.

In the Shoppin’ Cart, she has a purple container version with white banana, purple ice cream, blueberry sauce, purple whipped cream, white wafer, and a purple cherry that is on top of her. It is included in the re-release of the Shoppin’ Cart.

Furthermore, there is another version for this adorable Shopkin that is included in a different pack of the re-release of the Shoppin’ Cart. Its container is white, with banana, strawberry ice cream, strawberry drizzled on her, whipped cream, yellow wafer and pink cherry on top.

Additionally, in the Shopkin Food Fair pack, she has two variants included. The first variant has a light blue container that holds a dark red strawberry ice cream, banana, purple wafer. Splitty, is topped with white sauce, two blobs of whipped cream, and purple cherry.

Other variant has a red container and it holds a vanilla ice cream, chocolate dipped banana, and a blue wafer. Topped with purple sauce, two purple whipped cream on top and a blue cherry to finished it.

Banana Splitty’s Favorites:

Hobby: N/A

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Sweet Treats

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