Twinky Winks

Shopkins Character Twinky Winks

Twinky Winks is a Limited Edition Shopkin from Shopkins Season 1. Plus, there are only 1,000 made of her out in the market. A Twinkie with golden brown color and a lavender bow on here flowing out crème that looks like her hair. The toy has a metallic finish.

Furthermore, she does not have any available variation because she is a limited edition Shopkin. As you can see in her artwork, she has pink heart on her hair as a decoration and purple shoes and pink colored eyes. What’s more is that she is full of surprises but often sponging off her friends. Also, she dislikes to need fillings at her dentist. Twinky has a favorite quote to say, “Shopkins are the cream of the crop!”

Twinky Winks’ Favorites:

Hobby: Likes to surprise her friends

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hang-out Place: Limited Edition

Twinky Winks’ Appearances in Youtube


  • Cream Bun-Bun and her are often mistaken because of their similar appearances and also they have the same height.