Shopkins Character Yo Chi

Yo Chi is a special edition character in Shopkins from Season 1. She belongs to the team, Frozen. Yo Chi is described to be an orange tub of white frozen yogurt with a flake. She is topped with several pink and red berries with an orange spoon sticking out.

She has a variant and that is a pink tub of cream-colored frozen yogurt with a flake and topped with several pink and blue berries and a pink spoon sticking out. There is also a variant of Yo Chi included in the Glitz Ice Cream Truck. This variant is a glittery purple tub of lemon frozen yogurt topped with several green and pink berries and a blue spoon sticking out.

In artwork, she is depicted as a light blue tub of vanilla frozen yogurt that is decorated with a pink line and dots. She is topped with a leaf, many assorted berries, and a pink spoon. In Shopkins, Yo Chi, as described by her friends at Shopkins, is a well cultured friend. She is different every day. Her Shopkins best friend is Melonie Pips.

She loves to hang out in the Frozen section. Her favorite hobby is to swirl around the dance floor. Yo-Chi shares her name with an Australian yogurt chain. Unfortunately, she is not yet included in the webisode at Shopkins World. So, just relax and wait for Yo-Chi to come up on YouTube. Patience is definitely a virtue!

Yo Chi’s Favorites:

Hobby: Swirling around the dance floor.

Shopkin BFF: Melonie Pips

Hangout Place: Frozen Section

Yo Chi’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • She shares her name to an Australian Yogurt Chain.

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