Sunny Screen

Shopkins Character Sunny Screen

Sunny Screen is a Limited Edition (LE) Shopkins from Season 1. It’s said that there are only 5,000 of her ever made. Her appearance is of a lotion bottle, sort of a sun-protection lotion if you will. She has a sea green bottle color that has “SPF 30+” written inside a green sun. She’s wearing a pink rimmed sunglasses and an orange flip-flops. Since she’s a limited edition Shopkins, there are no variant colors of her.

Sunny Screen is very over-protective of the people she cares about. She always worries if they’re doing fine or whatnot. But her friends adore her for that because it means that she cares about them. Especially under the scorching sun! She’s always the first to spring into action to protect them from getting burned. She enjoys coconut-banana smoothies as for her, it’s the perfect drink to beat the heat.

Her favorite vacation destination is the Miami Beach. There’s just something about that place that pulls her there. And she never ever forgets her sunglasses as it makes her look cool under the sun. For Sunny Screen, life is a day at the beach. That’s why she’s always found at beach shores looking for fun.

Sunny Screen’s Favorites:

Hobby: Going at the beach

Shopkin BFF: N/A

Hangout Place: Limited Edition

Sunny Screen’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • He likes hot weather. The hotter the better!

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