Shopkins Character Sugar Lump

Sugar Lump is an Ultra Rare Pantry Shopkins in Season 1. Sugar Lump’s appearance is of a pack of sugar cubes and based on the things that she’s holding, it looks like she’s a baby Shopkins. Her main color is pink and blue. She’s holding a pink pacifier and a yellow rattle.

At the top, she has the word “Sugar” written in cursive colored white on her forehead. Her variant color is white and green. She holds a blue pacifier and a blue rattle. And she also has “Sugar” written on her forehead written in white.

And so as the norm for all Ultra Rare Shopkins (Soda Pops for example), she has a glittery finish for that extravagant look. Sugar Lump, as you may have guessed by her name, is a very sweet Shopkins that gets along with everyone.

Her friends like her because she is very easy to be around and she really cheers you up with her sweetness. She always hangs out at the pantry shelf together with other Pantry Shopkins. Wishes considers her as her BFF as she thinks that Sugar Lump actually sweetens up her life. Sugar Lump really is loved by all.

Sugar Lump’s Favorites:

Hobby: Perfecting the ultimate cup of tea

Shopkin BFF: Wishes

Hangout Place: Pantry

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