Shopkins Character Strawberry Kiss

Strawberry Kiss is a Shopkins character from Season 1 which belongs to the rare team, Fruit & Veg. She is a dark pink strawberry with light green leaves for “hair” and little white flowers on the top of her head. She has a pouty lips which is very kissable.

Strawberry Kiss is afraid of new adventures but is very eager to try it. She is also quite shy and weak and is vulnerable to low temperature however, she is still cute and sweet. Her best friends in Shopkins World are Apple Blossom, which is her teammate and Cheeky Chocolate. Her friends described her as a day dreamer with a huge imagination and is often away with fairies. She always hangs out in Fruit and Veg Section.

In addition, Strawberry Kiss’ variant is a light green strawberry with dark green leaves for “hair” and a little light pink flowers on the top of her head, growing on them. In an episode on Shopkins’ YouTube Channel, Strawberry Kiss joined a pageant. Wanna find out what happened? Better search for it on YouTube to know whether she won or lose. Anyone of you already have Strawberry Kiss on your collections? Well, if you don’t then you need to collect one now because she is rare in the merchandise.

Strawberry Kiss Favorites:

Hobby: Poetry

Shopkin BFF: Apple Blossom

Hangout Place: Fruit & Veg

Strawberry Kiss Appearances in Shopkins Cartoon


  • Connector.

    Strawberry Kiss’ variant represents a young strawberry first grown.

  • Connector.

    In her collector’s artwork, she is shown to be a bit tipped or bended to the right, but her toy is standing straight up.

  • Connector.

    Her plush toy exists which is a square-shaped for some reasons.

  • Connector.

    Strawberry Kiss is depicted on the wrapper of the Strawberry Shopkins Crunchy Pop Candy Mix.

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