Spilt Milk

Shopkins Character Spilt Milk

Spilt Milk is a rare Shopkins character from season 1 which belongs to the team, Dairy. She is a blue and white milk carton with white milk flowing on the top of her head. Her face marks a very sad expression as she has just been spilt. Spilt Milk’s cartoon reads “MILK” in yellow letters.

Her variant is a green and white milk cartoon with white milk flowing on the top of her head. She also has a cartoon that reads “MILK” in pink letters. In artwork, her variant is different compared to the original because she wears pink shoes and she has a cow instead of the word “MILK” on the top of her head.

In Shopkins, She is known for being a bit of a klutz. She really likes to skim through the comic books. She has a little bit weak personality because she cries over little things. Spilt Milk hates spoiled people because according to her, they make her steamed!

Even though Spilt Milk cries easily, you will never get bored with her because she is half silly and half serious. She is also likes to stir things up! Wanna know more about Spilt Milk? Better check the Shopkins World in their YouTube Channel and get to know every character from Season 1.

Spilt Milk’s Favorites:

Hobby: Splashing in the Pool.

Shopkin BFFr: Breaky Crunch

Hangout Place: Dairy Department

Spilt Milk’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • She likes to tell jokes.

  • Easily cries over little things.

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  • Spilt Milk
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