Shopkins Character Silky

Silky is a common Health & Beauty Shopkins in Season 1. She is a bottle of conditioner that is of color purple and pink with a yellow ‘C’ on her forehead. On her right hand, she’s holding a pink comb while on the left, she’s holding a yellow brush.

Her variant color is of colors blue (albeit much lighter) and yellow with a red ‘C’ on her forehead. She’s still holding a comb and a brush on both hands (same as the main one) but the color of the comb is lighter shade of blue while the brush is a darker shade of blue.

Being BFF’s with Shampy means that they are partners in crime with a great sense of style. Silky is often found in the beauty section just making sure that she looks great.

Silky’s Favorites:

Hobby: Swimming

Shopkin BFF: Shampy

Hangout Place: Health & Beauty

Silky’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • Connector.


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  • Silky
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