Shopkins Character Shampy

Shampy is a Common Health & Beauty Shopkins in Season 1. She has a shampoo bottle body that is color white with a minty-green label. She has an ‘S’ written on his label in lilac ink while also holding lilac bubbles from the shampoo.

Her variant color is of a yellow bottle that has a dark pink label. An ‘S’ is also written in her label in white ink. She also has white bubbles in her hands. She has a bubbly personality.

And together with Silky, they are the perfect combination. One thing that her friends like about her is that she always smells fresh.

Shampy’s Favorites:

Hobby: Swimming

Shopkin BFF: Silky

Hangout Place: Health & Beauty

Shampy’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


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  • Shampy
  • Shampy
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