Shopkins Character Rainbow Bite

Rainbow Bite is a common Shopkins character from season 1. She belongs to the team, Party Food. She is described to be a purple, orange, and yellow slice of bundt cake stacked together in layer with pink icing.

Rainbow Bite has a variant and she is described to be a pink, brown, and yellow layered bundt cake with white icing. In artwork, she is depicted as a pink, orange, lime green, and blue bundt cake with vanilla icing and sprinkles. She also holds two Pirouette wafers or pretzels. Rainbow Bite has two variants of her included in the Food Fair.

One variants of her is described to be an orange slice of bundt cake with pink frosting and purple feet. The other variant is a light blue slice of bundt cake with red frosting and brown feet. In Shopkins, She is described to have an optimistic and adventurous character. She always looks on the positive side of life.

The style secret she keeps, according to her is that she always looks good on any color. Her best friend is Soda Pops. Her personal hero is Roy G. Biv. She loves to paint. Her favorite quote is “You need a little rain to get a rainbow.”.

In addition to her information, her name is an allusion to the 1980’s television show character Rainbow Bite. Moreover, she is often confused to be a rainbow taco. She is not ye included in the webisode at Shopkins World.

Rainbow Bite’s Favorites:

Hobby: Painting

Shopkin BFF: Soda Pops

Hngout Place: Party Food

Rainbow Bite’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • Her favorite quote is “You need a little rain to get a rainbow!” .

  • Her personal hero: Roy G. Biv

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