Shopkins Character Posh Pear

Posh Pear is a Common Fruit & Veg Shopkins in Season 1. She is a green pear that has an orange leaf and stem. She wears a purple rimmed sunglasses has an orange purse being held by her hand.

Her variant color is of a blue pear with an orange leaf and stem. She’s also wearing sunglasses but on this variant, she has purple rimmed ones and she also has an orange purse.

She is friendly and is definitely a good listener. But oftentimes, she can be one spoiled brat. Despite that, she’s a very good friend to many. Heck, she even has Lippy Lips to consider her BFF!

Posh Pear’s Favorites:

Hobby: Playing Cards

Shopkin BFF: Lippy Lips

hangout Place: Fruit & Veg

Posh Pear’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • Connector.

    Posh Pear’s favorite quot is “I can’t help it if I have appeal.” .

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  • Posh Pear
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