Shopkins Character Popette

Popette is one of the original Shoppies from Season 1 that was released in October 1, 2015. She is the popcorn themed Shoppie. Her appearance is a girl with big blue eyes, yellow eyebrows, and poofy blonde hair. She has a blue bodice with popcorn sleeves and a red bow on the chest.

The bottom of the bodice is lined with popcorn. Her skirt is red and white striped with yellow at the edges. She wears red shoes with small blue bows on them and yellow socks. Atop her head is a red headband with various popcorn pieces on it, a bag of popcorn, and a blue bow on it.

When collecting her, she comes with Bowl-Inda Popcorn and Polly Popcorn. Also included are a doll stand, popcorn purse, popcorn brush, and a VIP card. She is described as someone that never runs out of fun! She is loud but very lovable. If she sees a camera around, just expect that she’ll definitely photobomb just for the fun of it.

Popette is very passionate with watching movies. She’s so passionate that she can’t contain herself telling everyone she knows about the latest movies! But her BFF’s, Bowl-Inda Popcorn and Polly Popcorn, always tells her to “keep a lid on it.”

Popette’s Favorites:

Hobby: Poppin’ out the Movies!

Shopkin BFF’s: Bowl-inda Popcorn & Polly Popcorn

Hangout Place: The Cinema Popcorn Cart

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