Shopkins Character Pineapple Crush

Pineapple Crush is a Common Fruit & Veg Shopkin in Season 1. Pineapple Crush is a yellow pineapple with a green crown or leaf whichever you may prefer. She also has a light purple periwinkle wedged on her crown or leaf.

Her variant color is of a much darker yellow and a much darker crown or leaf (again whichever you may prefer). The color of her periwinkle that is wedged on her crown or leaf is dark pink. She is known to be a summer gal.

She often goes out in the beach and surfs the waves till her hearts content. If you ask her, the best memory she had was when she had a luau in Hawaii! Doesn’t that just scream adorable to you?

Pineapple Crush’s Favorites:

Hobby: Surfing and Sunbaking

Shopkin BFF: Melonie Pips

Hangout Place: Fruit & Veg

Pineapple Crush’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


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Samples Toys Available:

  • Pineapple Crush
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