Shopkins Character Peppe Pepper

Peppe Pepper is a Common Pantry Shopkins in Season 1. She is a white and purple pepper shaker that is sneezing on a yellow handkerchief.

She also has a purple circle that has a purple “P” in the middle of it. Her variant color is a light blue and pink pepper shaker sneezing on a white handkerchief. She also has a pink circle that has a pink “P” in the middle of it.

He likes to spice everything up! Even the dance floor! She and her friend Sally Shakes are the queens of the dance floor! You better bring your A game when you come up against them!

Peppe Pepper’s Favorites:

Hobby: Shaking it on the dancefloor

Shopkin BFF: Sally Shakes

Hangout Place: Pantry

Peppe Pepper’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


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  • Peppe Pepper
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