Papa Tomato

Shopkins Character Papa Tomato

Papa Tomato is a Limited Edition (LE) Shopkin from Season 1. It’s been said that there’s only 2,500 of him ever created!

His appearance is of a red tomato with a curly brown mustache. He’s wearing a white rimmed eye glasses and yellow hat while holding a bowl of noodles. There are no variant colors of him. He’s also the first ever Tomato Shopkins.

He loves to tell stories young Shopkins. He’s very enthusiastic about it too! If ever you find yourself asking for advice, he is the best Shopkins to ask for an advice.

Papa Tomato’s Favorites:

Hobby: Chatting with pals

Shopkin BFF: Gran Jam

Hangout Place: Limited Edition

Papa Tomato’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


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