Miss Mushy Moo

Shopkins Character Miss Mushy Moo

Miss Mushy-Moo is a common character in Shopkins from season 1. She belongs to the team, Fruit & Vege. Miss Mushy-Moo is a mushroom with a red top and a white bottom. She has white spots on her head and she has a blue growth of some sort on the right side of her head.

She has a variant and she is described to be a mushroom with a green top with white spots and a purple bottom. She has a brown growth of some sort on her head. In the Season 3 So-Cool metallic fridge, Miss Mush-Moo has another variant. This exclusive is a mushroom with a yellow bottom and a red top with yellow spots.

She has a brown growth of some sort on her head. This exclusive Shopkins is metallic. In Shopkins, her friends describes her as a bit of softy but with a good head on her shoulders. Her best friend at Shopkins is Rockin’ Broc. She loves to hang out in the Fruit & Veg Department. Miss Mushy-Moo is not yet included in the webisodes at Shopkins World.

Miss Mushy Moo’s Favorites:

Hobby: Making mud pies.

Shopkin BFF: Rockin’ Broc

Hang out: Fruit & Vege Section

Miss Mushy Moo’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • In her artwork there is something missing on her head.

  • The only Shopkin who does not have any eyelashes.

  • She is included in the Fruit & Veg category. However, she is not a fruit nor a vegetable.

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