Lolli Poppins

Shopkins Character Lolli Poppins

Lolli Poppins is a rare character in Shopkins from season 1. She belongs to the team, Sweet Treats. She is described to be a dark pink lollipop on an aqua stick which has a yellow bow. Lolli Poppins’ variant is a light green lollipop on a white stick which has a dark pink bow.

In her artwork and in her Radz candy dispenser incarnation, she is described to be a peppermint lollipop on a striped blue and white stick which has a light green bow. Lolli Poppins has two exclusive variants available in the Food Fair blind bags.

The first variant is a pink lollipop fading into orange on a green stick which has a green bow. The other variant is a blue lollipop fading into white on a magenta stick which has a yellow bow. In Shopkins, Lolli Poppins is a character with a sweet personality. According to her friends at Shopkins, she loves smiling and making the Shopkins World laugh.

Her best friend at Shopkins is Candi Cotton. She loves to hang out in the sweets section. Her favourite hobby is hairdressing and she really loves doing that; you can see it in the way she ties her bow on her head. Lolli Poppins’ name is a pun on Mary Poppins. Lolli Popins is not yet included in the webisode at Shopkins World.

Lolli Poppins’ Favorites:

Hobby: Hairdressing

Shopkin BFF: Candi Cotton

Hangout Place: Sweets Section

Lolli Poppins’ Appearances in Youtube Video


  • Her name was a pun of “Mary Poppins”

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