Lippy Lips

Shopkins Character Lippy Lips

Lippy Lips is a Shopkins character from season 1 which belongs to the rare team, Health and Beauty. She is a pink tube of pink lipstick and she is holding a blue blush in her left hand. She has a variant which is a green tube of red lipstick.

Moreover, her cartoon artwork depicts her with yellow shoes. She is described to be a fashionista in Shopkins who loves to shop with sassy style and maybe a little bit bossy. Despite her fancy and arrogant looks, she is a good friend in Shopkins World and is very ready to take challenges.

Lippy Lips likes glossy magazines and hates dull colors. In Shopkins, her best friends are Apple Blossom and Polly Polish. She loves to act, to host, and to newscast. This is something you will see it in Shopkins world episodes.

She is also very witty and funny. Lippy Lips loves to hang out with some of the characters in Fruit and Veg team and have fun with the other characters in Shopkins. She really loves to host, in fact she hosted a pageant in an episode on Shopkins World in their YouTube Channel.

She also hosted a lot of activities in Shopkins. Wanna know what happened to the pageant and many other activities in Shopkins? Just visit YouTube and watch the fun moment with other characters.

Lippy Lips Favorites:

Hobby: Shopping

Shopkin BFF’s: Apple Blossom and Polly Polish

Hangout Place: Health & Beauty

Lippy Lips Appearances in Shopkins Cartoon


  • Lippy Lips has a British accent in the Shopkins webisodes.

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