Shopkins Character Le’Quorice

Le’Quorice is a Rare Sweet Treats Shopkin in Season 1. Her name is a play to a sweet treat called “licorice” (pronounced as likorish). She has a pink bottom, black in the middle, and white at top that has a blue candy topping her head.

Her variant color is a green bottom, black in the middle, and pink at top that has a piece of candy topping her head. Both variants have a classic finish. Le’Quorice is known to be old-fashioned.

But don’t underestimate her because she has the potential to become the life of the party. Together with Mandy Candy, expect this girls to have a jolly good time!

Le`Quorice’s Favorites:

Hobby: Playing Hopscotch

Shopkin BFF: Mandy Candy

Hangout Place: Sweet Treats

Le`Quorice’s Appearances in Youtube Videos


  • Connector.


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