Shopkins Character Kooky Cookie

Kooky Cookie is a ultra rare Shopkins character form Season 1 which belongs to the team, Bakery. She is described to be shy and sensitive character in Shopkins. Her friends want her to explore new things for her to peel off her shy and sensitive personality.

Her best friends are Bread Head and Apple Blossom. Kooky Cookie loves to hang out in the Bakery Stand. In Shopkins, she is the pink butterscotch chip cookie with blue feet. Thus, she has a yellow chocolate chips which has a right bite at the top of her head.

Kooky Cookie is known for milking a joke. She is good at dunking and thinking outside the jar. She has a secret talent which is fortune-telling. Kooky Cookie’s nickname is Snickerdoodle. In merchandise, she has a variant which is a chocolate chip cookie with green feet (pink in artwork) and she also has a brown chocolate chip.

Right bite on the top of her head is also present.In the food far, she has two variants. One variant is a red cookie with purple feet. On the other hand, the other variant is a purple cookie with purple chocolate chips and yellow feet. The right bite on the top of her head is also present in the two variants. She is a fun and adventurous character who hangs out with her friends at Shopkins. Find out what they do on Shopkins World by visiting their YouTube Channel

Kooky Cookie’s Favorites:

Hobbies: Acrobatics and she like to read books.

Shopkin BFF’s: Bread Head and Apple Blossom

Hangout Place: Bakery

Kooky Cookie’s Appearances in Shopkins Cartoon


  • Connector.

    Kooky Cookie’s name is similar to “Kooky Cooker” , an accessory included in the fast food collection.

  • Connector.

    Kooky Cookie is somehow related to the Shopkins celebrity Kookie Monroe due to their names and appearance.

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